I am a pubic school teacher of 21 years. I am currently working on my masters of library informational sciences at sjsu, and I am writing a research paper on "radical and critical education communities and their informational needs and behaviors." I think California education, and elsewhere in the states, is heading into a time of fundamental changes. Los Angeles had banned suspensions for student "willful defiance," because it disproportionately punishes marginalized students. The data shows complete success, as of course it would, because there are no more suspensions, and it espouses "restorative justice" as the solution to address behavior problems. However, it is a shell game and the authoritarian control only grows worse, as this new measure has not addressed any of the underlying causes for "willful defiance." I cannot express how excited I am to find your school and website, and to see you are celebrating 100 years of successful education based on democratically aligned principals. It is not just a theory in a scholarly journal, but it lives firmly planted in the past as a model for the future. Wow. So cool. I can’t believe I had no idea this school even existed. Yay MLIS degree!


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