Presentation of AS Neil’s book about Summerhill

This Sunday 27-12-2020 at 18:00 local time (UTC+2) We celebrate the 7th anniversary of our book club with the radical: “THEORY AND PRACTICE OF ANTI-AUTHORITY EDUCATION, THE EXAMPLE OF SUMMERHILL”, a book written by one of the most important educators of the century, A.S. Neill, first published in 1960 and translated into almost every language in the world.
The Greek translation was recently republished in our country by Koukkida, with a note by Neill’s daughter and current principal of the school, that in 2021 celebrates the 100th anniversary, Zoe Neill Readhead.
We quote from the publisher’s note: “Whether readers agree or disagree with Neill’s views, whether they reject them outright or accept them unreservedly, his book is not a common book, a good book, an interesting or enjoyable book, It’s more than a revolutionary book. planted there to bear fruit in the hearts of all people ”
The presentation of the book and the coordination of the discussion will be done by the founding member of our Book club Maro Tzoumerkioti and for the first time we will meet online, using the zoom platform kindly provided by the association educationplus.
Like all our meetings, this one is free for anyone interested in participating and does not require reading the book or regular membership in the club – although we would love to. We are waiting for you for an interesting discussion at this link If you prefer to watch from fb, we will broadcast from
club page

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