To celebrate Summerhill School’s 100th Birthday our community will be doing an array of exciting and unique projects. We are also inviting you, our friends, to celebrate the inspirations given to you by A.S.Neill by creating your own!

Our values foster an environment where so much is possible, and we want these celebratory projects to depict the diversity and freedom present in our community. The possibilities are limitless, your project could be anything.

100 Lessons from A.S. Neill’s ‘A Dominie’s Log’

United Kingdom

Short video presentations that use quotes and thoughts from A.S. Neill’s first book, written as a diary of his first […]

Summerhill in bloom 2021

United Kingdom

So far we have planted 1000 snowdrops in the green and 100 aconites at the Summerhill grounds, ready to be […]

Climbing 100 Trees

United Kingdom

During my time as a pupil at Summerhill School, people would say “If you are looking for Henry, you should […]

100 walks and photos in Summerhill’s neighbourhood

United Kingdom

I love nature and I enjoy spending time hiking, walking and sometimes even geocaching. I would like go on at […]

Suzu’s and Alex’s Summerhill Podcasts

United Kingdom

To celebrate Summerhill’s centenary we’re creating 100 podcasts about people’s experiences of Summerhill. We’ve been interviewing past and present students […]