100 Little Known Things about Summerhill & Neill

Trying to post 100 things that most people are not likely to know. Some general Summerhill things and some personal […]

100 stories

As a project to celebrate Summerhill’s 100th birthday. We decided in class one to read “100 stories”. Our goal is […]

100 Haiku

We would like to celebrate the centenary by collecting 100 haiku. Our aim is to capture the essence of Summerhill […]


The Summerhill woodwork and metalwork are celebrating 100 years of creativity in our wonderful community by posting photos of 100 […]

Summerhill in bloom 2021

United Kingdom

So far we have planted 1000 snowdrops in the green and 100 aconites at the Summerhill grounds, ready to be […]

Spread the word

I’d like to share 100 quotes from A. S. Neill which I found important or inspiring on my Instagram and […]

Climbing 100 Trees

United Kingdom

During my time as a pupil at Summerhill School, people would say “If you are looking for Henry, you should […]

100 walks and photos in Summerhill’s neighbourhood

United Kingdom

I love nature and I enjoy spending time hiking, walking and sometimes even geocaching. I would like go on at […]

Suzu’s and Alex’s Summerhill Podcasts

United Kingdom

To celebrate Summerhill’s centenary we’re creating 100 podcasts about people’s experiences of Summerhill. We’ve been interviewing past and present students […]