Adrienne Huber


I’ve been involved in democratic education for over 30 in Australia, Brazil & briefly on a visit to Vancouver. I became interested in different approaches to education while I was conducting research in a local primary school about the Hawthorne Effect (think Eliza Doolittle in ‘My Fair Lady’, Pygmalion and Galatea) for my honours in psychology. I knew there had to be something better for my children. I found a democratic school in Canberra, some 5 hours away. That was 1986. We moved there. I went on to complete my PhD ethnography in literacy and learning there and there was no going back. Neill’s books about democratic education and Summerhill we’re seminal readings for my research. I devoured them. Since those days in the 80s & 90s, I’ve started a democratic high school in Perth, Australia, helped start another in Brazil & been Principal of yet another... and much more! I’ve been a member of the Executive of The Australasian Democratic Education Community (ADEC) since it started in 2001. I manage our ADEC Facebook page & co moderate our FB Forum.


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