To celebrate Summerhill School’s 100th Birthday our community will be doing an array of exciting and unique projects. We are also inviting you, our friends, to celebrate the inspirations given to you by A.S.Neill by creating your own!

Our values foster an environment where so much is possible, and we want these celebratory projects to depict the diversity and freedom present in our community. The possibilities are limitless, your project could be anything.

100% Choice: Sixth Graders’ Self-Selected Projects at Harmony School Yield 100% Passion for Learning.

Rebecca Beck and Zevon Adkisson, Harmony School, Bloomington, IN Cy, a passionate baseball fan and dedicated player, elected to study […]

Sharing Summerhill with students from the faculty of education of Málaga

Hi people!! Id like to keep going spreading everything I learned from Summerhill. This project is so easy, and simple, […]

100 people laughing.

Laughter is a universal language. It’s a bridge that connects and unites us. Summerhill festival 2022 will connect and unite […]

Presentation of AS Neil’s book about Summerhill

This Sunday 27-12-2020 at 18:00 local time (UTC+2) We celebrate the 7th anniversary of our book club with the radical: […]

100 talks about the importance of having a freedom to design your own life

100 talks recorded on videos and podcast on random topics focusing on effort to understand what is a concept of […]

Investigating Meaning and Self-Efficacy Among Past-pupils of Democratic and Mainstream Schools

Calling all now adult Summerhillians to please participate in this study! Background: The study of meaning in life as […]

5th Summer Camp for Rhetorical and Democratic Education

5th Summer Camp for Rhetorical and Democratic Education – Cyclades, Greece The Hellenic Association for the Promotion of Rhetoric in […]

100 hands

Korogonas Ark peace, educational community project in Greece for regeneration of mother Gaia, holistic health and the Story of Connection […]

100 Trees and Shrubs

As a small gesture towards creating a world that will still be liveable and sustainable for the children of the […]

100 Lessons from A.S. Neill’s ‘A Dominie’s Log’

United Kingdom

Short video presentations that use quotes and thoughts from A.S. Neill’s first book, written as a diary of his first […]

The History of Summerhill Through 100 Objects

A personal exploration of the history, life and philosophy of Summerhill, connecting it to the field of childhood and schooling […]

Confucius Classroom

I know Summerhill School is an international community and get children from all around the world so there is a […]

100 mothers

I like the Chinese book called Summerhill School. I have read it for several times. I have asked myself the same […]

Melina in Wonderschooland

This is a personal film project directly related to Summerhill and democratic schools. Alternative working title: “From Fourfouras to Summerhill” […]

Τhe democratic school Summerhill and it’s message to the world

A presentation of Summerhill and its message to the world though the eyes of the English teacher and former member […]

10 Songs inspired by Summerhill

I will showcase 10 Songs inspired by Summerhill. One song for every 10 years of Summerhill. I’m currently on song […]

Cartwheel School


The school, which acknowledges a uniqueness and didn’t punish pupils to bring themselves. The school, which allows pupils to make […]

100 photos of Summerhill

I spent five years at Summerhill as a teacher and houseparent. I have also visited regularly since then. To celebrate […]


To celebrate 100 Years of Summerhill School, we are going to bring Neill into the homes of many people facing […]

Creating 100 Rainbows

Today my daughter and I decided to start a new creative project: to find or create a rainbow every day […]

100 different things inspired by 100 different people

Seen all the projects that people are creating to celebrate Summerhill School’s 100th Birthday has inspired me to do things […]

Kaleide International School

We are creating a school in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) that values caring relationships based on trust, and makes heard […]

Motivation & Creativity

Research; How does motivation influence creativity?

100 Playlists

I’m going to create 100 Spotify Playlists. This will start at 1921 and run all the way through to 2021. […]

A font based on A.S.Neill’s handwriting

A.S. Neill had a characteristic handwriting, and I’d like to preserve it as a desktop/web font.

100 Little Known Things about Summerhill & Neill

Trying to post 100 things that most people are not likely to know. Some general Summerhill things and some personal […]

100 stories

As a project to celebrate Summerhill’s 100th birthday. We decided in class one to read “100 stories”. Our goal is […]

100 Haiku

We would like to celebrate the centenary by collecting 100 haiku. Our aim is to capture the essence of Summerhill […]


The Summerhill woodwork and metalwork are celebrating 100 years of creativity in our wonderful community by posting photos of 100 […]

Summerhill in bloom 2021

United Kingdom

So far we have planted 1000 snowdrops in the green and 100 aconites at the Summerhill grounds, ready to be […]

Spread the word 2.

I’m planning to do the Camino de Santiago, possibly in October of 2021 and I’d like to take 5 books […]

Spread the word

I’d like to share 100 quotes from A. S. Neill which I found important or inspiring on my Instagram and […]

Summerhill self-portrait bunting

I’m creating some celebratory centenary bunting. I’m inviting Summerhill kids past and present to draw a self- portrait on a piece of fabric, when I’ve collected 100ish portraits I’ll create some bunting to be displayed around the school in our 100th year.

100 walks and photos in Summerhill’s neighbourhood

United Kingdom

I love nature and I enjoy spending time hiking, walking and sometimes even geocaching. I would like go on at […]

Suzu’s and Alex’s Summerhill Podcasts

United Kingdom

To celebrate Summerhill’s centenary we’re creating 100 podcasts about people’s experiences of Summerhill. We’ve been interviewing past and present students […]

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