A.S.Neill’s Summerhill School is turning 100 years old!

In a time of global health, refugee and climate change crisis that induces so much fear and loss, it becomes apparent to everyone that salvation comes once again from acts of altruism, selfless aid and social rallying. Values that surpass the walls of our houses, surpass our countries’ borders and send a loud message of love and solidarity across the world.

These values have been emanated from Summerhill for 100 years and we realise that humanity needs them now more than ever!

Who would have thought that not only the school would survive 100 years of pressure from the system but also both the school and A.S.Neill’s writings would turn into a lighthouse of hope and inspiration for millions of people around the world.

But one can only understand the impact Summerhill has had to education, childrearing and humanity when realising that Summerhill is far beyond the school and its methods;  Summerhill is an Idea!

An Idea that is inclusive…
to all education and nurturing approaches aiming to relieve pressures from childhood and celebrate individuality.

An Idea that unites…
everyone who realises the importance of childhood for individuals and for humanity, in a way as simple and powerful as love and understanding. 

An Idea that empowers…
self-awareness, self-direction as well as intimacy and responsibility towards community and the world.

This ‘Idea’ we want to preserve and share through the development of the A.S.Neill Archive and Research Centre which will provide a collection of rare and unpublished archive materials of A.S.Neill and Summerhill and a wide range of programmes, activities, research, discussions and events, to connect with the world in a way that has never been possible before!

We need your support to build the A.S.Neill Archive and Research Centre, a place from which the Summerhill Idea can spread even further and help change the world! Because as A.S.Neill said…

“The future of Summerhill itself may be of little import. But the Summerhill idea is of the greatest importance to humanity. New generations must be given the chance to grow in freedom. The bestowal of freedom is the bestowal of love. And only love can save the world.” – A.S.Neill, 1963

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We heartily thank you all so much for your support!

Stay safe and healthy

Friends of A.S.Neill’s Summerhill School