Hebden Bridge Learning Community


We are a Democratic Learning Community in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. We offer a one, two or three-days a week of learning together. Our students choose how many days they come to learn with us. We keep learning interesting through yoga and meditation, democratic decision making and cross-subject learning. Small class sizes, never more than 12, enable closer teacher-student relationships. For us the “classroom” is an exciting learning place which also includes the natural world. We have excellent teachers who are always learning how to develop a creative environment which balances self-directed and group-directed learning. Summerhill has always been there as an amazing beacon of possibility. If a democratic school can start up in 1921 and still be going, it means that democratic education is valued and wanted by the world. Even though we started our school without ever visitng Summerhill or speaking to anybody there, just the fact of its very existance was an inspiration. A standard bearer which has witheld the onslaughts of Ofsted misfortune to keep a candle of hope burning for so many generations. It's extraordinary that it is about to celebrate 100 years of life, all of us in Democratic Education all over the workld have been touched in some way by the words and deeds of A. S. Neil, and long may that continue.


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