Effie Latifi


I am a mother of two boys aged 11 and 5 and we live in Athens, Greece. Seeing the devastating effects that the typical educational system can have to children leading them to lose any interest on learning or at the other extreme making them grade and success hunters while compromising their natural curiosity and inclinations made me look for different approaches to education. The forest school Pefkites in Athens introduced me to the Summerhill ideas and now the more I read about Summerhill the more I realise that this is the kind of education children throughout the world need and deserve. Democratic practices and an environment that allows the children to unfold their personalities and experiment with their creativity is in my opinion the healthiest base that ensures that children will live their childhood while learning and thus will become openminded and full of empathy adults. I am inspired to look for like minded parents and educators in Greece to see if we can make a school based on the Summerhill principles. I strongly believe that the Summerhill approach should be widespread. As a mom I am doing my best to trasmit these principles to my sons and hopefully inspire them.


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