Georgios Kollias


I studied as a teacher in Greece. During my master studies one professor talked to us as students about Summerhill and Neill with not so good words condemning the school for a non-limit freedom that was provided to the students of the school. Almost 3 years after that and after two years of working at schools of Greece I was full disappointed from the School Reality and I was searching for a dream... for a pedagogical dream. So, one summer of school holidays I started to read a Greek Book with the title ''I love what I understand'' from the Greek Author Margarita Konstantinidou. This pedagogical book among the matters that it was discussing into his context it was having too many references on Neill's attitudes and opinions and at the bibliography there was a Greek translation of the Neill's book with the title: Summerhill - The school of freedom. I bought this book immediately and I read it in 2 hours. After that, I bought all the Greek translations of Neill's books and I couldn't stop to realizes every word of these books. My life changed after that. I tried to use the philosophy of Neill in education within my job as a teacher and I saw with my own eyes tremendous results in the relationship with my students. So, the final step was for me to visit Summerhill and Zoe Redhead some years ago. It was for me so spiritual procedure all this journey from Greece to Suffolk. I have to admit that ought to Neill my existence as a teacher and I am so grateful for his donation to the child and the humanity in general.


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