Henry Readhead


Hey everyone I am a grand son of A.S.Neill. I am presently a member of the management team at Summerhill along with my mother Zoe and brother Will. I was a pupil at Summerhill for all my younger years and ran the music department there from 2002 to 2012.

I get invited all around the world to do talks about Summerhill and A.S.Neill's ideas of education and this is the area of most interest to me. The sharing of Summerhill experiences and supporting others to implement our methods or by supporting them with theirs. In it's most simple form, Summerhill represents a very pure, natural and individualised childhood, allowing children to develop at their own pace and find their own interests, ambitions and life path. But these methods aren't as simple as giving freedom, although the fundamental goal is to create a system that allows children to be safe and free, and to remove all expectation.

I have visited lots of amazing places, met inspiring people doing wonderful things in education and for me it strengthened the fact that A.S.Neill's values of education need to be implemented across education globally for a more humane and sustainable world.


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