Jostein strömmen


I found As neill book about summerhill stored away in the basement magazine at the teacher programs library in Bergen, Norway in 1998. I had heard about the book, which I thought at the time before reading it was a fiction, a novel that had inspired many hippies in the 60s. It was a shock to me that the book was about a real school, that it was not a fiction, and to fiend out that the school still existed. The book is without a doubt the book I have read that has had the biggest impact on my life. It was off to the inspiration when we started a democratic school in Oslo in 2004. Since I have read all off Neills books on education, the most fun is the oldest "a teachers logbook" from 1914. I have also been incredibly lucky to visit Summerhill a number of times, it has been a wonderful experience and a great awakening. "This is also how a school could be" It gave me tears in my eyes the first time I was there. It has since that been the biggest inspiration for me to work in schools and as a teacher. A true guide line. This until today where I work at Solvik in Järna at a school that has a lot of similarities to Summerhill when it comes to the feeling / atmosphere on the place. I am forever grateful for the influence Summerhill has had and still has in my Life, and that in so many more areas than this little text can tell about. A million thanks to Summerhill and good luck with the 100th birthday next year. all the best from Jostein streams, Sweden / Norway


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