Mark Vaughan


I was at Summerhill for about 2 years with my two elder brothers in the 1950s; the spirit of the school and Neill's approach to children and to their education has stayed with me all my life, in both a personal and professional capacity. I think Neill, Zoë, and the staff, have made a seminal contribution to the way that adults teach and relate to children; this contribution resonates around the world. In 1972 I was lucky to be able to interview Neill and write about him and Summerhill for three education journals in the UK, the US and Australia. Later in 2006 I edited the Open University Press book on the school and have been secretary of the A.S.Neill Summerhill Trust for 20 years; during this time I have also organised the contracts for overseas publishers to translate and issue Neill's books. I am very happy to be involved in several projects to help celebrate the school's Centenary in 2021.


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