I've been at Summerhill since 1995~2002. I remember very well that I struggled not having my parents also learning and understand English, and was playing most of my first two years climing trees. I learned from Summerhill that you should do whatever you want in life, and achieve your goal without disturbing/distracted other people's life. It was a first a big struggle to speak out in our meetings at Summerhill, but slowly I worked my courage to speak out, becoming secretary at meetings, and eventually chairing the meeting. Now I am a teacher, teaching jewellery apprentices. I have been telling my students that we all have a different speed tread mill of life, and that also is the same with learning. So don't matter if you didn't understand the first time, just ask and we will work on how to achieve understanding together. P.s missing those sneaking out days. I remember my first year there was a big organised sneak out after bedtime, the whole house kids and two san kids(including me san kid) was included. First the san kids had to hide in the top clothes cupboards in the large girls room(now visiting again the cupboard seen so small), we had cereals, comics and our torches to keep us awake. Once all house kids finished bed time, the boys were knocking the wall(secrete knock) saying it's time to meet and decide where to go. We then decided to just go to the football field first, but as some of us got out we got caught but was not taken back to our rooms but told to. After that, all the big kids like Valen, Will, Roger and others all came out with big torches looking for us. Was so scared at the point, but now thinking back it's so funny.


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