Hi everyone! We are a team of educators from OroPaidio Education & Art Centre founded by Andriana Tavantzi, that fosters freedom of expression, collaboration, emotional and artistic cultivation, interaction, experimentation and experiential learning. All members of our team are trained in Lakis Kouretzis’ model onTheatre Pedagogy which resonates strongly with A.S.Neill’s and Summerhill School’s philosophy and practice. Some of the most profound shared values and approaches are equality, free and natural play, incidental learning, self-awareness and the focus on social and emotional development. We promote the importance of these ideas and mentalities for new generations and for humanity through working with pupils and adults of all ages and vulnerable groups; delivering educational programmes for schools; trainings for educators and other professionals; and collaborations with national Education Department, universities, charities and NGO’s. We have had the pleasure and privilege of visiting Summerhill, playing, interacting and co-creating with Summerhill pupils through theatre and art workshops. We will always love to come back to the place where the craziest dreams seem to be so natural and real…


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