Richard Fransham


I live in Ottawa, Canada. I've worked for decades to bring change to education. I learned of Summerhill decades ago when I was trying to figure out why being a teacher in a conventional school felt so wrong. I've been a fan of A.S. Neill ever since. I am working to unit people globally to benefit all whose principles and ideologies align with Summerhill. I would very much like to have a chat with someone at Summerhill about the possibilities for an "Earth Day" type event to build awareness of children's right to control their own learning. The idea is catching on and I think it could work well for Summerhill. I'm not looking for Summerhill to take it on, but rather to take advantage of the possible opportunity it offers. I've been promoting the AEROx event and will gladly promote events like you offer. I hope to get to the Summerhill Festival next year. Richard


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