Saumya Sharma


There are few people who I can trust instinctively, just have to have that gut feeling. It just happens...almost in a chronological way. Listen to/Read their words, strikes home, instant calm or bliss. It's like, "Oh, someone understands me !!" I "became a teacher" when I was 21 years of age. No experience, but knew this was right. It was when I read A. S. Neill's "Summerhill: A Radical Approach to Child Rearing" at the age of 29...ish, after having given birth to a beautiful boy, struggling with the alternative school system in India, that I felt my prayers had been answered and instantly felt liberated. Next stage was to find out whether this school still exists. To my surprise and STILL DOES ! The step after was a no-brainer. That is where our son, Sanuka should be...and that is exactly where he is now ! What the best for this child we had brought into this world. He is one of those very fortunate children who can experience Summerhill first-hand. Every time I speak with him, I sense Neill's success in creating a space for young people. What a timeless and marvellous mind ! Neill's thoughtful and highly imaginative ideas has brought great comfort to many in the field of education. It has given me the opportunity to think differently and feel all right about having those ideas and thoughts. Thank you, Summerhill Team.


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