Suzu Toyama


I’m current student at Summerhill, I’m 14, and I’ve been here from 2016. I’m doing 100 podcast as a project. So have a look if you’re interested! I’m having the best childhood I could ever imagine to have!!!! I can’t describe unless you have experience here! It is so miracle that I met Summerhill, and all these people here. And I feel so lucky to be able to come here. Summerhill gave me the choice and the time, and place to look for myself, which I’ll keep looking forever:) And I feel that Summerhill has taught me how wonderful and important it is to make decisions for yourself , for my own life, and to take responsibility, and to experience real freedom, and how it’s ok to fail. Also made me realize my life is infinite, that I can do anything if I wanted. And I have right to do what I want if it doesn’t effect others. And it’s the most important thing that myself and everybody else is happy. Summerhill will stay in my heart forever and ever and everrrrr!! I hope in future, more children can have better childhood and feel freer and happier and infinite in their lives. love Summerhill and thank you Summerhill for still existing today💛 peace


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