We are Svoures, a team of educators, actors and professionals specialising in drama and music education and our team was founded during our studies in Lakis Kouretzis' model on Theater Pedagogy. We are committed to promoting the importance of play, freedom of expression, experiential learning, social dynamics and equality as essential means of exploring and understanding ourselves and the world. We design and deliver interactive performances, theatre game and outdoor education programmes for schools, clubs, and art institutions. We have all been inspired by A.S.Neil’s philosophy in many different stages of our personal and professional development and we have been incorporating his ideas on democracy and creativity into our practice. We are so delighted that we had the opportunity to visit Summerhill, submerge ourselves in its daily life, collaborate with Summerhill pupils and experience the wonders of ‘freedom not license’ within this caring community. We keep these memories alive until we meet again! Lots of love, Svoures


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