Silas Szalai


age 13 i stumbled over neill's book ~ a radical approach in our family library. suprisingly it reflected and gave the way my dad, who was a teacher aswell, raised me a name A.S.Neill. summerhill became my vision of how i thought and dreamed a school should and can be. inspired by that i became an early childhood educator which for me is my passion and a way to transmit and implement neills ideas and methods of his educational approach. neills ideas and his philosophy of a free and individual development is the essence of a natural, healthy and positiv childhood. giving children the possibility and the right to make their own choices and to live in a community that does not evaluate but value each other. equality and love ~ sharing and caring my deep admiration and gratefulness goes out to A.S.Neill aswell to all summerhill family members and friends for 100 years. to another 100 years 🌸🌸🌸🌸 love is the law


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