Taline Schubach


The first time I heard about Summerhill was in Brazil (I’m from Rio), almost 20 years ago when I was part of a Reichian child care study group. (Reich borrowed from Neill the core concept of self-regulation.) Years later, in Spain, I returned to studying neurosis prevention in children from a Reichian perspective and the letters exchanged between Reich and Neill were part of our readings. I also read “Summerhill” (1963) and at that time and visited a Spanish school based on Summerhill’s ideals. What I’ve read and what I saw at that school in Spain made such a sense than from that I managed to move to UK just to be closer to Summerhill. I had to see for myself how this school was up close ! Than last year, recently arrived to UK, I had the pleasure to live the Summerhill Experience... and I am totally in love. So when I’ll have children (one day, I am not a mother yet), they could be raised in freedom, with respect and being part a amazing community. For me it is just magical to be part of this 100 years celebrations! I hardly believe I’m here!


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