Thomas William Fleischer


Well well well, what to say. I am Thomas, also known as the boy who broke a toilet in the house, along with certain cheeky comrades, and flooded the beaston. We were all fools once, fortunately I have not gotten any smarter 🙂 I grew up at Summerhill from 2008 until 2012. Looking back at Summerhill, I really know why it is one of the defining moments in my life. Having lived in many countries, I have been privileged to see the many ways in which human organise themselves, all with their own merits and drawbacks. But Summerhill presents, subjectively, an ideal. I believe that humans very much want to identify with, and belong to ... something, be it a nation, a religion, a socio-economic class or just a good group of friends. And Summerhill takes this, in my opinion, as a base. We are a collective of amazing individuals, but a collective nonetheless. All are important and all must be heard, and even if their wish isnt't fulfilled by the community meeting, they have been heard and understood. We also move as fast as the slowest member, even as we try to bring them up to speed. In my time, screening laws changed very often. When an upward trend occured where too many were sitting indoors gaming all day, as a community we decided to limit gaming screen time, annoying those who had not abused but were now subject to the new law. In time, a shift occurred and it was safe to remove the law as we were all on the same level. A bit banal of an example, I know. This idea of collective responsibility has very much affected me since then. Thanks to Summerhill, I knew that I would not have to hurry to find my way of life, better a happy bum than a regretful student. Finally, I decided on university. Herein I occupy myself a lot with thoughts on how human should organise themselves. Much of my views have been shaped by the way that Summerhill has socialised us. I now study a course that deals very much with human interactions, both among one another, but also with the bigger contentious politico-economic movements that divide the visions we have in organising themselves. I love life, and I love how I have grown as a person, and I will forever be grateful that Summerhill helped build the base upon which this happiness has evolved.


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