Theomai & Dro


We are the Panhellenic Alumni Association of Lakis Kouretzis’ model on Theatre Pedagogy. We employ a method which bears strong resemblance to the philosophical approach of Summerhill, congruent to the new techniques of expression and creation. Lakis Kouretzis’ model acts as a playful means of deepening into the very cause of existence and art. Particularly in the Art of Theatre, a very complex, social, and deeply educational form of art. It is based on the needs and interests of children, as it addresses the child’s nature that is hidden within each student. During the teaching process, it contitutes a kind of ‘’inter-lesson’’. No matter where it is applied (educational, cultural, or artistic venues), when applied, this method becomes a place where each and every child can reconstruct everyday life, thus making palpable and visible what lies hidden and invisible. The child can subsequently feel what Aristotle calls ‘’delight of pleasure and delight of knowledge’’. It becomes a place for dreams, imagination, emotions, freedom, initiative, joy and pleasure. A place much like Summerhill school, which we would gladly visit and get to know up close. It would be an experience that could greatly contribute to our enlivenment, as well as awareness on issues related to Modern Pedagogical Perceptions.


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