Hi, my name is Vasiliki, I'm a painter and art teacher in Athens Greece.I have studied in Athens fine art school and -for a while- in chelsea school of art in London. I have a deep respect and love for Summerhill since I was in highschool and now I'm 56! A.S.Neil and his ideas are a constant inspiration every day I "teach" in the state middle school I work, trying to remind to students and colleagues that learning is a natural instinct and can not be done by force, trying to apply a little democracy to our anachronistic education system and in so many other ways. But these ideas have also inspired me a lot in the way I raised my four children, who are all musicians like my husband and all share the same ideas about education. I'm extremely happy and exited to be in touch with you, and I REALLY hope to be able to come in August, lots of love from Greece and a BIG thank you!!


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