Stafford, Terry


I read Neill's Summerhill when I was in high school back in the 60s. At that time I wanted to be a student there. I went on to study Montessori because I was impressed by her respect for children's ability to know what they wanted to learn. I only lasted a couple of months in the first Montessori school I worked in, as I realized that I didn't want to follow anyone else's dogma. At that point I started a small alternative school in my basement that lasted four years in a time and place where people didn't believe in educational freedom for children over the age of six. For about 13 years I've run Wildwood, offering stress-free educational enrichment (that "enrichment" word means that parents can't accuse me of missing subjects!) I'm currently living on a lovely island where I'm hoping to create a new Wildwood centre.


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