The maths curriculum follows the National Curriculum to the end of KS 4. The examination syllabus is Edexcel. 

There are numerous opportunities for the development of numeracy and other mathematical skills throughout community life: committees, shops, fines, poc etc. These allow the opportunity to learn about percentages, money and number values. 

The school enables children to develop their numeracy and mathematical skills based on their individual needs and at their own pace. 

Aims of maths at Summerhill
To provide a relaxed learning environment.
For pupils to become confident in using maths and to develop a positive attitude towards their own ability.
To allow and encourage pupils to develop their own strategies and become independent learners.
To provide the opportunity for all pupils to progress in their mathematical learning.

Maths clinics are open spaces on the timetable available to all pupils. These provide the opportunity to get extra help with maths, to practise or revise current or past class work, to continue current classwork and to practise exam based work as well as being available for maths help relating to other subjects, e.g. science. Maths clinics are particularly recommended to pupils aiming to take an exam in the next two years. Maths clinics also provide opportunities for late returners to maths.