There are lots of parties at Summerhill! We have a party every half term and end of term. Parties happen in the main lounge and they go on all night. Members of the school’s Gram Committee play music and there are games throughout the evening. (It is called ‘Gram’ because back in the old days, A.S.Neill used to use a gramophone in the lounge to play music for the whole community.)

Prior to a party, a committee (the Bar Committee) is elected to raise money which is spent on decorating the lounge and on a ‘free bar’ at midnight for the partying kids. A Picture Committee is elected to decorate the lounge and the theme of the party is kept a surprise from the rest of the community until the party opens. After the party, the kids ‘Freak Out’ and tear down the decorations. Everyone then has an amazing breakfast and goes to bed.