Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Class 1 have two weekly slots and all lessons are practical in nature to allow students to develop a passion for the subject, typical Class 1 lessons may include making Soap, Slime, Smoke bombs, various dissections and some engineering based projects.

Class 2 kids have an entire day available to them where they can work towards a Bronze Crest Award, each student will work on their own individual project, which have ranged from Making the Best Bath Bomb, Which Crisp is the Crispiest and How to Make a Roller Coaster Faster. The Crest Awards develop scientific skills and independent thought and problem solving. Once kids have completed the Bronze award they can choose to progress to Silver and Gold awards. Crest Awards are available to kids of all ages.

Sign up kids have between 2-4 lessons a week depending on which subjects in Science they have chosen to study. Sign up lessons tend to be primarily focused on the syllabus content and many lessons include homework, which is optionally completed. Kids in Sign up also have access to Open Time which is available for home work support, 1:1 work and catching up on any missed lessons.  There is also the option for some 1:1 lessons or small additional group lessons where we may study specialized subjects, such as Astronomy, Forensics, Theoretical Physics or chemical techniques.