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Great news, friends! Summerhill Festival of Childhood Early Bird Tickets Now Available!

This has been a tough year for all of us so let’s put these dates in our diaries and give ourselves something to look forward to. The Summerhill Festival of Childhood is taking place from 6-11th August 2021. 

What it is all about?

We are planning a collaborative, international festival with many other democratic/alternative education event organisers to host one big event in 2021 to celebrate childhood as a whole and the inspirations A.S.Neill has given the world of education and childrearing.

This festival will be a community and family event. So far, we have united with IDEC, EUDEC, APDEC, AERO, ASDE and Freedom to Learn Forum.

Our main idea is to show to the world that a happy childhood is important!


Almost 100 volunteers and friends are preparing this festival for all of those who respect kids’ rights and believe in the importance of childhood.

But we are still looking for as many people as possible to assist in organising this event. If you are interested and have Facebook then please join this group…

If you don’t have facebook then please register yourself by filling in this form to inform us of your availability and skills set…

Celebrating childhood as a critical period of time for all of us and for the future of humanity! Join us in relieving pressures from childhood and embracing: 

  • Individuality
  • Play 
  • Relationship
  • Community  
  • Emotional honesty

By following our news-page you’ll be among the first ones to learn more about our plans and developments for this event in 2021. From talks by inspirational education pioneers and innovators to DJs, comedy, bands, collaborative art projects and fun activities for the young and young at heart, there’ll be something for everyone at the Summerhill Festival of Childhood.

Who is it for?

No doubt that it will be useful and joyful for… All the people who experienced childhood and understand its importance!

When and where?

The location of the Festival is set. We are happy to present Peakhill Farm!
It’s a picturesque area, 2 miles from school, which annually hosts a wonderful musical festival!

The location is capable of hosting up to 5000 people but 1 – 3k is perfect. We are going to have 25 acres (+ possible 10 acres of car park) at our disposal.
We will enjoy beautiful, comfortable and creatively decorated locations for children and adults in the open air!

Transportation to school will be organized, but you will also be able to take a walk there, it will take about 35-40 minutes.

Please mark in your calendars that you are totally and absolutely unavailable for all other activities between the 6th and 11th August, 2021 because that is when the Summerhill Festival of Childhood is happening!! 

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