Blog reflecting on our Winter Term 2020

Winter Term is often dark, cold, and not completely utopian, but we made it through with the help of our onesies and hot water bottles.

At the start of term everybody was excited to see each other after the Christmas break, and as always we all slipped back into Summerhill life as if we’d never been away!

We got a taste of Summerhill in the olden days when the wifi had to be shut down for two whole weeks for maintenance, it meant everybody had to get really creative. Kids came up with new games, they took to their wheels outside (despite the weather), there was a flurry of Grams (Summerhill name for disco), and lots of cooking together and watching films (on DVD no less!).  This period of internet free social time had a lasting effect on the community, as the little ones realised they wanted an extended period of internet free time even once the wifi had returned; and a law was passed which made this possible. 

There have been a couple of celebrations this term that made it more colourful, Chinese New Year and Valentines. Have a look at our Life at Summerhill page for pictures and information on how we celebrate these each year.

Kids dreamt of waking up to snow in the colder months of term, but sadly this year there was only ever a flurry. However days and days of rain may have been dreary for the bigger people in the community, but the little ones enjoyed making their own sailing boats and generally had a lovely paddle in the natural pond that fills up by the entrance of the school. As Spring arrives, the daffodils are popping up and we have finally seen some days of sunshine; everyone fled outside (often with jumpers and coats) to soak up the much missed rays. 

As we draw to the end of term, ‘Bar Committee’  have been fundraising for our big end of term bash! They have put on several events, from karaoke nights to pizzas, pancakes and even breakfast delivered to our beds at the weekend (see our Committee page for more information).

Although it sometimes feels as though our community exists on a bubble, we are actually connected to the rest of the world, and we are therefore currently working out how to navigate term ending and kids going home amidst the Corona Virus concerns. For the whole world’s sake, and as we look forward to our joyous summer term, we are hoping the situation gets under control very soon.

Stay happy, stay safe, see you next term!

Alex and Abi xx

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