100 stories

As a project to celebrate Summerhill’s 100th birthday. We decided in class one to read “100 stories”.

Our goal is to read 100 stories before 2021.

Four times a week we start the day with a story read by the teacher, a class 1 kid or a visitor.

Everyone is welcome to come and read a story in Class 1. We have had older kids, teachers from other areas, house parents, ex-Summerhillians, outside visitors and Zoë.

We started in January, it has been a great project, where kids enjoy coming to listen to the stories, as well as love having visitors in the classroom.

[Story 1/100] “Slow Dog’s Nose” Read by Milla (14/01/2020)
[Story 2/100] “Dino Dog” Read by Milla (16/01/2020)
[Story 3/100] “Pants” Read by Sami (17/01/2020)
[Story 4/100] “Goldilocks and The Three Bears” Read by Sami (20/01/2020)
[Story 5/100] “The red fox monster” Read by Suzu (21/01/2020)
[Story 6/100] “The red fox dances” Read by Suzu (21/01/2020)
[Story 7/100] “What can you seed?” Read by Coco (23/01/2020)
[Story 8/100] “The farmer duck” Read by Soul (24/01/2020)
[Story 9/100] “The giving tree” Read by Andresa (27/01/2020)
[Story 10/100] “Camille and the sunflowers” Read by Alex (28/01/2020)
[Story 11/100] “Would you rather” Read by Zoë (31/01/2020)
[Story 12/100] “The terrible tiger” Read by Zoë (31/01/2020)
[Story 13/100] “Elmer and the butterfly” Read by Montse (03/02/2020)
[Story 14/100] “Go the fuck to sleep” Read by Montse (03/02/2020)
[Story 15/100] “Elmer and the hipos” Read by Montse (06/02/2020)
[Story 16/100] “Beware of the bears” Read by Milla (07/02/2020)
[Story 17/100] “Elmer and the snow” Read by Sami (10/02/2020)
[Story 18/100] “You can be my friend” Read by Montse (11/02/2020)
[Story 19/100] “Coming home” Read by Annie (13/02/2020)
[Story 20/100] “HELP! I really mean it” Read by Montse (18/02/2020)
[Story 21/100] “Charlie is broken” Read by Montse (24/02/2020)
[Story 22/100] “I can’t do anything that’s everything all on my own” Read by Montse (25/02/2020)
[Story 23/100] “I’m really really concentrating” Read by Maya (27/02/2020)
[Story 24/100] “Chicken, Chips and Peas” Read by Montse (28/02/2020)
[Story 25/100] “Stories about Dragons” Read by Montse (02/03/2020)
[Story 26/100] “Mr. Nodd’s Art” Read by Montse (03/03/2020)
[Story 27/100] “There is no such thing of a dragon” Read by Mark (05/03/2020)
[Story 28/100] “Herb, te vegetarian dragon” Read by Montse (06/03/2020)
[Story 29/100] “Fast fox goes crazy” Read by Montse (10/03/2020)
[Story 30/100] “The hen house” Read by Maya (12/03/2020)
Our first online story time
[Story 31/100] “Mog and the Tee Ee Tee” Read by Montse (29/04/2020)
[Story 32/100] “Hey, get off our train” Read by Montse (30/04/2020)
[Story 33/100] “The foot book” Read by Vicente (04/05/2020)
[Story 34/100] “Aliens Love Underpants” Read by Catarina (05/05/2020)
[Story 35/100] “Jungle Drums” Read by Sami (06/05/2020)
[Story 36/100] “How to catch a star” Read by Jojo (07/05/2020)
[Story 37/100] “Dr. Seuss’ ABC’s” Read by Emil (11/05/2020)
[Story 38/100] “Crunchy Croc” Read by Yvaine (12/05/2020)
[Story 39/100] “My Whale Friend” Read by Montse (13/05/2020)
[Story 40/100] “The Pancake” Read by Vicente (14/05/2020)
[Story 41/100] “The little Viking” Read by Sami (18/05/2020)
[Story 42/100] “Five minutes Peace” Read by Montse (19/05/2020)
[Story 43/100] “That’s no my……” Read by Yvaine (20/05/2020)
[Story 44/100] “Someone BIGGER” Read by Catarina (21/05/2020)
[Story 45/100] “Poems” Read by Zoë (25/05/2020)
[Story 46/100] “Mog and the baby” Read by Montse (26/05/2020)
[Story 47/100] “Contrary Mary” Read by Montse (27/05/2020)
[Story 48/100] “The Knotty Knitter” Read by Yvaine (28/05/2020)
[Story 49/100] “The Asteroid House” Read and written by Sami (01/06/2020)
[Story 50/100] “The Last Man Alive” Read by Zoë (02/06/2020)
[Story 51/100] “Dear Zoo” Read by Yvaine (03/06/2020)
[Story 52/100] “The International Space Station” Read by Montse (04/06/2020)
[Story53/100] “Just imagine” Read by Yvaine (08/06/2020)
[Story 54/100] “Alice in Wonderland” Read by Lyndon (10/06/2020)
[Story 55/100] “Meg and Mog” Read by Bee (11/06/2020)
[Story 56/100] “Pirates” Read by Montse (17/06/2020)
[Story 57/100] “Six brave explorers” (18/06/2020)
[Story 58/100] “Agrrr spider” Ready by Catarina (22/06/2020)
[Story 59/100] “A squash and a squeeze” Read by Oscar (24/06/2020)
[Story 60/100] “The tiger who came to tea” Read by Oscar (25/06/2020)
[Story 61/100] “One moose, twenty mice” Read by Yvaine (29/06/2020)
[Story 62/100] “Class 1 and the Moon Dragon” Written and read by Zoë (30/06/2020)
[Story 63/100] “Haunted House” Read by Sami (01/07/2020)
[Story 64/100] “How to catch a monster” Read by Catarina (02/07/2020)
[Story 65/100] “Dancing Nadine” Read by Montse (06/07/2020)
[Story 66/100] “The salamander room” Read by Catarina (08/07/2020)
[Story 67/100] “Tadpole’s promise” Read by Philipp (09/07/2020)
[Story 68/100] “The story of the Little Mole” Read by Esther (13/07/2020)
[Story 69/100] “A Dominie’s Log” Read by Michael (15/07/2020)
[Story 70/100] “The Zoo” Read by Yvaine (16/07/2020)
[Story 71/100] “Oh Big Belly” Read by Jojo (20/07/2020)
[Story 72/100] “Hair Love” Read by Montse (21/07/2020)
[Story 73/100] “Supermarket Zoo” Read by Catarina (22/07/2020)
[Story 74/100] “Mary Prince” Read by Montse (20/09/2020)
[Story 75/100] “Frida Kahlo” Read by Montse (01/10/2020)
[Story 76/100] “Pokemon” Read by Catarina (02/10/2020)
[Story 77/100] “The silly book” Read by Montse (05/10/2020)
[Story 78/100] “Seaman William Brown” Read by Montse (06/10/2020)
[Story 79/100] “The Hippo-NOT-amus” Read by Sami (08/10/2020)
[Story 80/100] “Fatima Al-Fihri” Read by Montse (09/10/2020)
[Story 81/100] “Mrs. Armitage and the big wave” Read by Sami (12/10/2020)
[Story 82/100] “Mary Seacole” Read by Montse (13/10/2020)
[Story 83/100] “The clumsy crocodile” Read by Montse (15/10/2020)
[Story 84/100] “Wang Zheni” Read by Montse (16/10/2020)
[Story 85/100] “Fred and Finn” Read by Montse (19/10/2020)
[Story 86/100] “Harriet Tubman” Read by Montse (20/10/2020)
[Story 87/100] “Room on the broom” Read by Maya (23/10/2020)
[Story 88/100] “Sugar and Spice” Read by Montse (26/10/2020)
[Story 89/100] “Ada Lovelace” Read by Maya (27/10/2020)
[Story 90/100] “Marie Curie” Read by Montse (06/11/2020)
[Story 91/100] “Where do stars belong” Read by Montse (09/11/2020)
[Story 92/100] “Rebecca Lee Crumpler” Read by Montse (10/11/2020)
[Story 93/100] “Look up” Read by Sami (11/11/2020)
[Story 94/100] “Edith Head” Read by Maya (12/11/2020)
[Story 95/100] “A busy day for the good grandmother” Read by Montse (16/11/2020)
[Story 96/100] “Doctor Duck” Read by Jojo (17/11/2020)
[Story 97/100] “The trouble with Elephants” Read by Sami (19/11/2020)
[Story 98/100] “Mary Bowser” Read by Maya (20/11/2020)
[Story 99/100] “Who’s that banging on the ceiling” Read by Montse (23/11/2020)
[Story 100/100] “Rapunzel” Read by Montse (27/11/2020)

2 thoughts on “100 stories

  1. I SO enjoyed reading my story. We did a book by John Burningham who was a pupil at Summerhill before going on to be a very well known children’s author in the UK. I recommend his books

    1. It was so nice having you!! The kids really liked the stories and knowing the author was an ex-summerhillian was amazing!

      Hope we can do it again, either in person or online!

      Thank you!!

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