Diana de Horna


I read "Summerhill" shortly after my daughter was born, eight years ago. Neill's truth and his passion were eye-opening, and I still remember the impact some of his words had on me, both emotionally and intellectually. They moved me to rethink my own childhood and to embark on a journey which continues to this day. Since then, my partner and I have been able to travel around many countries with our daughter in order to visit other democratic schools; to publish Peter Grays' "Free to Learn" in Spanish; to produce a documentary film (featuring Summerhill of course, among other schools) which will be ready this year... and we are now on our way to creating a democratic school in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) which will launch in 2020, just on time for the Centenary celebrations. I couldn't thank A.S. Neill enough for how his work has changed my life. Congratulations, Neill, congratulations Summerhill! And may your dream and your passion live on.


Kaleide International School

We are creating a school in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) that values caring relationships based on trust, and makes heard […]