Sharing Summerhill with students from the faculty of education of Málaga

Hi people!! Id like to keep going spreading everything I learned from Summerhill. This project is so easy, and simple, […]

100 people laughing.

Laughter is a universal language. It’s a bridge that connects and unites us. Summerhill festival 2022 will connect and unite […]

Presentation of AS Neil’s book about Summerhill

This Sunday 27-12-2020 at 18:00 local time (UTC+2) We celebrate the 7th anniversary of our book club with the radical: […]

100 talks about the importance of having a freedom to design your own life

100 talks recorded on videos and podcast on random topics focusing on effort to understand what is a concept of […]

Investigating Meaning and Self-Efficacy Among Past-pupils of Democratic and Mainstream Schools

Calling all now adult Summerhillians to please participate in this study! Background: The study of meaning in life as […]

100 hands

Korogonas Ark peace, educational community project in Greece for regeneration of mother Gaia, holistic health and the Story of Connection […]

100 Trees and Shrubs

As a small gesture towards creating a world that will still be liveable and sustainable for the children of the […]

Confucius Classroom

I know Summerhill School is an international community and get children from all around the world so there is a […]

100 mothers

I like the Chinese book called Summerhill School. I have read it for several times. I have asked myself the same […]

Melina in Wonderschooland

This is a personal film project directly related to Summerhill and democratic schools. Alternative working title: “From Fourfouras to Summerhill” […]

Τhe democratic school Summerhill and it’s message to the world

A presentation of Summerhill and its message to the world though the eyes of the English teacher and former member […]


To celebrate 100 Years of Summerhill School, we are going to bring Neill into the homes of many people facing […]

Creating 100 Rainbows

Today my daughter and I decided to start a new creative project: to find or create a rainbow every day […]

Kaleide International School

We are creating a school in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) that values caring relationships based on trust, and makes heard […]

Motivation & Creativity

Research; How does motivation influence creativity?

100 Playlists

I’m going to create 100 Spotify Playlists. This will start at 1921 and run all the way through to 2021. […]

A font based on A.S.Neill’s handwriting

A.S. Neill had a characteristic handwriting, and I’d like to preserve it as a desktop/web font.

100 Little Known Things about Summerhill & Neill

Trying to post 100 things that most people are not likely to know. Some general Summerhill things and some personal […]

100 walks and photos in Summerhill’s neighbourhood

United Kingdom

I love nature and I enjoy spending time hiking, walking and sometimes even geocaching. I would like go on at […]