Kata Molnar


I'm a Spanish teacher, I've been teaching for more than 20 years now, but I left state schools soon and opted for private teaching and language schools as I've been too free spirited for standard education. I met with Neill's ideas on a University course and since I've had my children I've been looking for an education out of the box for them, something like what Neill did. And it was to my biggest surprise that Neill's school has been there since 1921 as I thought it was some kind of an experiment and ended long ago. So we packed and here we are, all my children getting a Summerhillian education that fits them most, our best decision ever.


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I’m planning to do the Camino de Santiago, possibly in October of 2021 and I’d like to take 5 books […]

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I’d like to share 100 quotes from A. S. Neill which I found important or inspiring on my Instagram and […]