Monika Irayati


A summerhill website page which contains a poem by AS Neil back in 2005 inspired us to question the purpose of our education in general. Because of that we started a children after school activities that evolve into a democratic school in 2012. The school name is Erudio Indonesia. It is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since then we have been building network of alternative education all over the country to promote the concept of education that give a child the freedom to be themselves and to define their own purpose of learning and also the freedom to choose their own way of learning. We are also being part of democratic education conference (Asia Pacific and International Democratic Education Conferences) and before the pandemic happened we are scheduled to host the APDEC in 2022.


100 talks about the importance of having a freedom to design your own life

100 talks recorded on videos and podcast on random topics focusing on effort to understand what is a concept of […]