Michael Newman


I worked at Summerhill from 1995 as a fulltime science teacher, creating a timetable based on children choosing modules and controlling their academic learning towards GCSEs. I became one of the school's first Curriculum Advisers, along with Ian the Maths teacher. I created and supported the school's children's campaign committee to fight against the Ofsted threat of closure that resulted in the court case in 1999, this group became the External Affairs Committee. I was on the school's organising committee for IDEC 1999, chaired the conference, and published a 99 page report about the event. I have worked at the school for some 15 years as a Houseparent, English and Class 2 teacher, Café manager, and 'archivist'. I use Summerhill School and similar schools and children's communities to frame children's active citizenship work in state schools with examples of the implementation of children's rights. I initiated the Freedom to Learn Forum 2018 at Summerhill School.


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