Piyush Jain


Potterhead, Educator, Cook, Poet, Katha India, Teach For India Alumni, Empath, Grateful, Self-Aware, Happy Soul, INJF Professionally I am an educator, and this journey of being an educator has once introduced me to Summerhill in 2016. I was awestruck. It seemed like everything in school can come alive similar to something we witness in the movie The night at the museum. Thereafter, whenever I speak, research and explore education to children, teachers, fellow educators I can only speak of democratic style of schooling. I did start a small school with a purpose to bring alive democratic schooling alive in there. It just stayed with us for one year. We did incorporate ideas of choices to indulge in activities and sitting idle if one wants to. It was altogether a lovely experience. One can check our work @cartwheelschool on instagram. Summerhill has to lead me to other alternative schools around India. And I am still in love with the idea of democratic and open schooling. It has been the longest relationship I have been ever yet. I am not sure, but it has brought immense behavioral and mindset change towards my own life-style choices too at a sub-conscious level.


Cartwheel School


The school, which acknowledges a uniqueness and didn’t punish pupils to bring themselves. The school, which allows pupils to make […]