Cartwheel School

The school, which acknowledges a uniqueness and didn’t punish pupils to bring themselves.
The school, which allows pupils to make choices.
The school, which gives pupils love, respect, and treat them as equals.
The school where no one judges them and no one shunned when one asks questions.
The school, where pupils’ opinions are valued.
The school, where pupils learn not memorize.
The school, where one is for everyone and everyone for others.
The school, where education which liberates towards the future.

Cartwheel campus had specially designed physical spaces that provide sensory experiences. Children were free to explore these activities independently or with their peers to understand the world around them better and hence subconsciously develop their physical, cognitive, gross motor, and socio-emotional skills.
At Cartwheel, we acknowledged the fact that children spend four hours in school and the rest of their time at home. So, we worked for hand in hand with parents to ensure the continuum of learning for the child. Through periodic workshops and conversations, we helped parents to be more aware of how can the time at home be spent to maximize learning for the child.

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