100 people laughing.

Laughter is a universal language.

It’s a bridge that connects and unites us. Summerhill festival 2022 will connect and unite us so for my project I am going to laugh with 100 people.

As this is also the centenary of Summerhill  school and I was a parent of a child at Summerhill, between 2011 – 2017, I wanted to take part in the 100 things projects.

Due to the pandemic 100 people laughing will take place on zoom and with consent I will record these sessions so there will be video and photos.

Because I know that it’s really important to the mission of Summerhill festival to bring together everybody to learn about and celebrate childhood and because I know so many people are struggling with disconnect, isolation and educating their children at home under difficult circumstances, 50 or more of the people I laugh with will be parents at home who might truly benefit from time to play and laugh as adults right now and over these coming weeks and months. Others will be teachers and educators. I will laugh with anyone who is up for having a go at this.

It is good for our emotional health and overall wellbeing to laugh and play as adults. Many of us stop at an early age, we laugh little and play even less. Our laugh is in our throat when it needs to come from our diaphragm, it is short when it needs to be continuous and we think that we can only laugh when something is funny.

Yet we can laugh without humour using our ‘mind and body’ and daily laughter practice can improve our mood, focus, productivity and energy.

We don’t need humour to laugh, it is simply an exhalation of air, an out-breath with or without a noise.

Have a go now.

Breathe in and as you breath out make the sound on your out-breath ha ha ha ha ha ha. Do it again, and again on the next breath. Already your brain is being tricked into thinking you are happy and you are releasing endorphins that create the lift in mood and all over feel good factor.

Relaxed breathing is an important part of laughter, when we are relaxed we laugh much more easily.

Laughter regulates our emotions and gives our limbic system a big boost so there are toxic cleansing, stress reducing qualities and many other things happening within our bodies, that boost our health, whilst we are laughing too.

We can bond through laughter and play. Laughter is contagious. We are drawn to the people who laugh and smile and we will laugh with others even when we don’t know what others are laughing about.

Leave me a message if you would like to connect and laugh with me.

You can also email me at coachingwithtina@gmail.com and I will get back to you.

I am a certified laughter coach and member of the complimentary medical association who accredited my laughter therapy training. I am also insured.

Image and Model showing the effects of laughter is my lovely friend. Rekha hair and makeup artist (Coventry)

17 thoughts on “100 people laughing.

  1. I’d love to take part. Laughing 😂🤣 together is infectious and make me feel better and connected.

    1. Declan it will be fabulous to laugh with you, though we haven’t met am I right in thinking you know Marette and fab if you want to laugh together over zoom with me?

  2. . I would love ❤to be part of this project!! I could definitely use some more laughter😂😂 in my life. Thank🙏❤ you so much!!

  3. I would love ❤to be part of this project!! I could definitely use some more laughter😂😂 in my life. Thank🙏❤ you so much!!

    1. Hey Magda
      Great to see this, yes’, let’s work out t date and time that works for you.
      You are in my network so I will contact you soon.

      Thanks, look forward to laughing with you. x

    1. Fabulous. Thank you. I’ve had such a huge response from the places I’ve posted this so I’m compiling a list now and will be on contact soon.
      Can’t wait to laugh with you. 😂

    1. Fantastic thank you. So happy to have you join Evangelos.
      I will add you to the list and be back in contact here soon. Thanks again. Look forward to laughing with you. Tina.

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