Suzu’s and Alex’s Summerhill Podcasts

To celebrate Summerhill’s centenary we’re creating 100 podcasts about people’s experiences of Summerhill. We’ve been interviewing past and present students and staff, parents, people in the local community, educationalists, members of the Summerhill Trust and really anyone who’s life has been touched by A.S Neill and Summerhill! We hope that you enjoy listening.

Elodie talks about how she enjoys the freedom Summerhill gives her. Recording live from Summerhill Art room!
Alec talks about their early childhood in Ethiopia and what it was like coming to Summerhill.
Owen has been the music teacher at Summerhill for 7 years. He talks passionately about his career path and his experience of living and working here.

David was the IT teacher at Summerhill, we interviewed him just before he left to travel in New Zealand.

Iris talks about school in Japan, her life at Summerhill and how she has grown as a person.
Mark Vaughan talks about being a Summerhill trustee, his time as a child at Summerhill, the life long influence the school has had on him and his career and how he parented in a Summerhill way.
Amira is one of the older kids at Summerhill, she talks about her responsibilities and about her views on education.
Edie talks about how she persuaded her parents to send her to Summerhill, about her life as a ‘House kid’ and about the school food!
Milla And Caoimhe talk about being ‘San Kids’
Zoe is the headteacher at Summerhill, she was a pupil and is A.S Neill’s daughter. Zoe talks about A.S Neill, her experience of running the school and about Summerhill’s impact on the world.
Eugene talks about being a Shack kid and about how he wants to be a Coi Karp breeder when he’s older.
Henry is the assistant principle at Summerhill and A.S.Neill’s grandson. He talks about his childhood at Summerhill and what its like being an adult at Summerhill.
Chris is the woodwork assistant and a former pupil. He talks about his 10 years at Summerhill as a kid and what it’s like teaching here.
Hanna is a new parent of a kid at Summerhill. She talks about how she discovered Summerhill when she was a teenager and what her experience of being a parent has been so far.

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    1. I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed listening and they’ve brought back fond memories, yeah there is so much joy and enthusiasm at Summerhill and for Summerhill! More podcasts coming soon!

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