Melina in Wonderschooland

This is a personal film project directly related to Summerhill and democratic schools.
Alternative working title: “From Fourfouras to Summerhill”

The decision for the creation of this documentary was taken during a short period of reflection on the occasion of our stay in the mountainous village of Fourfouras in Rethimnon, Crete, which operates the first School of Nature and Colours in Greece. A bold attempt for a different approach to learning, in the Greek public education system.
It was the expected outcome of our choices to live and experience the daily life of the school and its community, through our of 10 y.o. daughter named Melina. The fact of her participation in the specific school environment has raised questions about the nature of education and in connection with the operation of schools of the so called anti-authority education standards, we were intrigued to attach more specifically to the issues raised by the operation of such examples within the existing institutional and social context …
So always keeping in terms with our natural and innate tendency as human living beings, to satisfy our curiosity through research, we “embark” on a journey of discovery of knowledge about the environment in which we live and what we might be living, if we had been born in a different geographical area. We discover the limits of this knowledge by getting to know the people who did practice their visions for a regenerative education and are actively involved in the life of each new practice field of learning, while hearkening the special needs of a child during her development to an adult person.

This documentary film is aiming to inform about established democratic schools in Europe and to raise awareness about democratic education, having in mind the special concerns of contemporary Greek society towards this subject. The country where democracy was born falls nowadays short of being proud about the “democratic’ methods used in its education system and the social governance in general. We will try to show this relationship of social and political consequences by exposing the educational domain. We will attempt to distribute the final doc to all related education media and dedicated doc film festivals.

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A documentary with the main theme of alternative forms of education and democratic schools. An itinerary exploring the knowledge and learning outside state controlled education. Learning coincides with the discovery of sources of knowledge through travel, in order to experience freedom. We learn how to learn, along with the child and record and share our experience.
This documentary will attempt to answer some of the questions arised by the very nature of their existence, with a view to present answers that become more deeply understood on many levels, beginning with the lives of children and their learning environment and reaching the impact and importance of democratic education in the social field.

Film production webpage (in English and in Greek)

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