I never know how to start presenting myself! Although I do not seem shy to many, I can be quite shy... This is Jay, I'm from Brazil but living in Europe since 2007; the first 8 years I was in London, and now I'm in Sandnes, Norway. In 2016 I started a part-time Master Program in Educational Research through Rudolf Steiner University College in Oslo (I am not a Steiner teacher, my background in teaching before starting the Master had been in the sport of judo). During the master program, I was given a paper to read and had to prepare a lecture to my fellow students (Saffange, 2000). The paper is all about Neill! Feeling that I would be a failure to lecture about A.S. Neill without touching down at Summerhill ( I still feel I know nothing about 'this man'), I flew from Norway to England for a day visit. The game changed completely: instead of writing my thesis on a Sports' topic, my topic surrounds Democratic Education; my research questions were inspired by a boy (not sure if I can mention his name here) who was playing in the sandbox at Summerhill during that first visit. My second visit was during the 'Summerhill Experience' in 2019, where many enthusiasts like me gathered together to live as a Summerhillian for 5 days. I have said this before and I'll repeat it here: for me, going to Summerhill is like going home; a home that every child has the rights to have . Since then, I have met many wonderful people who are genuinely fighting for the rights of children to be agents of their own lives from young age: citizens of today, not citizens in construction. So I will always be thankful for having met Neill, Summerhill, and everyone who carries the legacy ahead to remind us what is possible (and impossible!). P.s.: In the picture, I am Chaplin (I got very happy when I discovered that Neill was a fan of Chaplin too, so thought it to be a nice profile pic to have!)


100 different things inspired by 100 different people

Seen all the projects that people are creating to celebrate Summerhill School’s 100th Birthday has inspired me to do things […]