100 mothers

For me, “Summerhill School” is like a kind of faith, and the name of this faith is “Believe in Children”.
Many people have asked me the same question, “How can you be so calm about your children? Are you sure you’re not worried?”
I feel like the Summerhill School is my primer to “walking firmly on the road of believing in children”, and I’m very thankful that, 100 years ago, A.S Neill’s really tried it out. Just because I liked this book doesn’t mean everyone will necessarily send children to a school that looks exactly like Summerhill School. But more importantly, what do people see from this book, what they think about, what is their connection with themselves, what do they want to do—that’s what the book is all about.
I will convene 100 mothers to read this book in China and bring Neill’s philosophy to at least 100 families . After reading, we will have a meeting to discuss this book. Every mother will send a sentence to Summerhill School.

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