100 mothers

I like the Chinese book called Summerhill School. I have read it for several times. 
I have asked myself the same question many many times, “How can you be  calm about your children? Are you sure you’re not worried? What is the best way to educate my two little ones?”
I feel like the Summerhill School is my primer to “walking firmly on the road of believing in children”, and I’m very thankful that, 100 years ago, A.S Neill’s really tried it out. Just because I liked this book doesn’t mean I will send my children to a school that looks exactly like Summerhill School. But if it is possible, I think I will.  
I will read this book aloud in Chinese, record it, and upload the recording to public media. I hope more 100 mothers can hear this book. I hope I can bring Neill’s philosophy to at least 100 families . I hope some mothers who finished listening to this book can send Summerhill School  a sentence.

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  1. I finished reading the book several days ago, a wechat public account writer informed me about this book. Before reading this book, I also have read the book by Jane Nelson, I find there are quite similarities between them. The most important thing is that they both share the basic idea that Child is good in the heart, all the problem starting from the parent’s wrong doing. There are other similarities too, in Summerhill, author tells the jealousy between brothers and sisiters, and in Positive discipline, the author also explains it and even informs us how to deal with it in daily lifes. I am a father of two daughters, I really wish they can have the chance to choose the things they want not forced by the teacher and outside. But in China, it is quite difficulte. What can we do to make the society better for our children?

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