I am the mother of two children. I have read many books in the process of raising children. I have read "Summerhill School" and "Graduate of Summerhill School" twice. Summerhill's Approach, including social & emotional development, the meeting and laws, play, community life, learning, is attract me deeply. I see that children are born to be good. The learning effect based on internal driving force is very different from the learning effect instilled by parents. Children’s creativity is far beyond our imagination, as long as we believe in them, they have the ability to manage themselves well. I am happy to learn that on the 100th anniversary of Summerhill School, they envisage to accommodate a variety of educational programmes, courses, events, research projects and other activities offering an in-depth understanding of the Summerhill values in relation to education, community and humanity.


Confucius Classroom

I know Summerhill School is an international community and get children from all around the world so there is a […]

100 mothers

I like the Chinese book called Summerhill School. I have read it for several times. I have asked myself the same […]